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Gingerblue Music Recording Software version 6.2.0

Gingerblue is Free Software in development for musicians who want to compose, record and share original music to the Internet from the GNOME Desktop. Gingerblue 6.2.0 runs on Fedora Core 36, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and macOS 13 (Ventura) via DMG with Icon Support (6.2.0_3) or MacPorts 2.8.0 and records in Ogg Vorbis, currently 16-bit, 80kbps, 44.1kHz in Mono with built-in sound card and 24-bit, 112kbps, 48kHz in Stereo with Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB and M-Audio Fast Track Mk2 USB Audio Interface (tested 2022-11-15 with MacBook Air 2020 (M1) with USB-C/A converter after selecting the USB sound card Output/Input under System Preferences -> Sound in macOS 13 Ventura).

Installation on macOS 13 Ventura

Download DMG package for macOS 13 Ventura


sudo port install gingerblue xorg-server

Installation on Fedora Core 36 x86_64

sudo dnf install http://www.gingerblue.org/~ole/fedora/RPMS/x86_64/gingerblue-6.2.0-1.fc36.x86_64.rpm

Launching Gingerblue

Launch the software gingerblue from Terminal with


Desktop Icon



September 5, 2022


July 9, 2022


September 5, 2021

Posted screenshots of Gingerblue 1.4.0.

July 15, 2021

First major release of Gingerblue 1.0.0.

July 12, 2021

Posted screenshots of Gingerblue 0.6.0.

June 15, 2020

The Gingerblue Music Recording Project website is up on www.gingerblue.org.



gingerblue 6.2.0

Bug #22 (Build on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS)

gingerblue 6.2.0_3

Bug #21 (Build on macOS 12.5): Icon Support.

gingerblue 6.2.0

Bug #20 (Build on Fedora Core 36): Experimental Broadcast recording attachments with the electronic mail program Evolution.

gingerblue 6.1.0

Bug #19 (Build on Fedora Core 36): Experimental meta tagging with GstTagSetter.

gingerblue 6.0.1

Bug #18 (Build on Fedora Core 36 and Ubuntu 22.04 LTS): Immediate Recording to Ogg Vorbis from 'Mic' works!

gingerblue 4.0.1

Bug #17 (Build on Fedora Core 36 and Ubuntu 22.04 LTS): Immediate Recording to Ogg Vorbis from 'Mic' works again!

gingerblue 2.0.1

Fedora Core 36 Build

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Build

gingerblue 2.0.0

Write XSPF 1.0

gingerblue 1.9.0

Fedora Core 35 Build

gingerblue 1.8.0

Bug #15 (Build on Fedora Core 35) and #16 (Build on Ubuntu 21.04) is fixed.

gingerblue 1.7.0

Macports Build

gingerblue 1.6.0

Add C header files

gingerblue 1.5.0

Meson/Ninja Build

gingerblue 1.4.0

Fedora Core 34 Stable Build

gingerblue 1.3.0

Multiple-Location Audio Recording EndOfStream (EOS) support on Cancel

gingerblue 1.2.0

Multiple-Location Audio Recording support

gingerblue 1.1.0

Bug #14 (Icecast broadcasting via libshout 2.4.3) is blocked.

gingerblue 1.0.0

First major release.

gingerblue 0.9.0

Bug #13 (Icecast broadcasting via libshout 2.4.3) is fixed.

gingerblue 0.8.0

Bug #12 (Studio broadcast) is fixed.

gingerblue 0.7.0

Bug #11 (Studio configuration) is fixed.

gingerblue 0.6.0

Bug #10 (Computer station location) is fixed.

gingerblue 0.5.0

Bug #9 (Recording timestamp) is fixed.

gingerblue 0.4.1

Bug #8 (Immediate recording) is fixed.

gingerblue 0.4.0

Bug #7 (Build on Fedora Core 34) is fixed.

gingerblue 0.3.0

Bug #6 (Build on Fedora Core 32) is fixed.

gingerblue 0.2.0

Bug #5 (Crash on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS) is fixed.

gingerblue 0.1.9

Bug #4 (Overwriting Song Files) is fixed.

gingerblue 0.1.8

Bug #1, #2 & #3 is fixed.

gingerblue 0.1.7

Bug #3: Recording Cancellation

gingerblue 0.1.6

Bug #1 & #2 fixed.

gingerblue 0.1.5

Bug #1 is present, but bug #2 is fixed.

gingerblue 0.1.4

Bug #1: The wizard saves Song information as XML, but recording does not yet work

Bug #2: Internationalized folders (Norwegian $HOME/Musikk instead of $HOME/Music for saving Song information as XML must be supported


Gingerblue API

Building from Source

Fedora Core 36

sudo dnf install intltool libshout-devel geoclue2-devel
sudo dnf install gstreamer1-plugins-bad-free-devel geocode-glib-devel
sudo dnf install libchamplain-devel libchamplain-gtk libchamplain
git clone http://gitlab.stud.idi.ntnu.no/olekaam/gingerblue
cd gingerblue/
automake --add-missing
sudo make install

Click on "Cancel" once in Gingerblue 6.2.0 to stop immediate recording and click on "Cancel" once again to exit the Gingerblue application (or Ctrl-c in the terminal). You'll find the recorded files in $HOME/Music/ on GNOME 42 systems in American English language.

Source Code

Gingerblue C Source

Development Repository


Distribution Packages

Source Code


Fedora Core 36


Ubuntu 22.04 LTS


macOS 13 (Ventura)


sudo port install gingerblue xorg-server